About Rodney C. Burris
One of the nation’s top leaders in understanding human potential and inspiring greatness

Rodney C. Burris can help people realize how to become different and better than their circumstances/background/conditions by focusing on the simple changes that achieve the big goals. Rodney has assisted numerous companies with team-building, communication, data evaluation and program development. His workshops and seminars are among the most popular in colleges, corporations, nonprofits and schools throughout the United States and abroad.

Image of Rodney C. Burris
Image of Rodney C. Burris

As an international speaker
youth advocate
professional development coach
and a published author
Rodney inspires people to discover and reach their fullest potential.

To Inspire means to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something

Although his demand is international, Rodney’s heart is helping the city of Baltimore. He is a mainstay in the halls of Baltimore City Schools; and as a leading voice for school advocacy and neighborhood revitalization, Rodney served as an elected official for the 43rd District of Baltimore City.

Image of Rodney C. Burris
Image of Rodney C. Burris

The same energy that Rodney brings to the stage is captured in several acclaimed books. In “Get Off The Cycle and Run,” he illustrates how to identify and succeed past the subtle patterns that keep us repeating our heartbreaks. And his book “The 5 Fast Features for Fixing Firms” is a collection of effective, budget-friendly tools for improving your organization.

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